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Who we are

Oxalis, where every journey matters

At Oxalis, our people power our progress, so that we can propel yours. From our operational and commercial teams through to all our central support functions; people will always be our priority.

Itʼs this that sets us apart and makes us the driving force behind some of the worldʼs largest oil, gas, energy, industrial and marketing companies. With unyielding standards of excellence, state-of-the-art technology and creative minds, we offer innovative solutions tailored to individual client logistics needs.

These solutions are delivered by a workforce of more than 2,700 colleagues and a fleet of more than 1,900 trucks and tank trailers – powered by our highly skilled drivers, trained to our industry-leading safety standards. Across the UK, Germany, Ireland and the Czech Republic, we have almost 100 operational locations, enabling us to provide industry-leading agility and a service to our clients that is safe and seamless, providing continuity to the lives of millions.

Let’s work together

What We Do

Driving positive change in bulk logistics

We specialise in the transportation and distribution of bulk fuels and gases, providing unrivalled end-to-end logistics solutions across a wide range of products.

Every Oxalis journey is driven by our values. Investing in the safety of our people, being responsible for our planet and fueling our clients to achieve optimum efficiency and exponential growth. On the road, our vehicles are supported by cutting-edge systems, state-of-the-art driver technology and unwavering safety standards. But that is not our finishing line.

We believe that by being open in everything we do, we build the trust to develop highly innovative, bespoke solutions. But our proven track record is only made possible by our people, who join creative, technical thinking with precise, cost-effective strategy – all put into practice by our exceptional, essential drivers. This collaboration is not just our way of doing business – it’s who we are.


Delivering logistics solutions for every kind of bulk petroleum-based product; retail, commercial and aviation fuels such as petrol, diesel, gasoil and kerosene through to bitumen, bitumen emulsions, fuel oils and lubricants.


Providing intermodal and road solutions for bulk, mini bulk and cylinder gases, including airgases, CO₂, special gases, LPG, LNG/CNG, H₂ and chemgases.


Our team of expert logistics specialists has the resource and capability to provide jet A1 fuelling bridging services to airports. The control of product from storage terminal to aircraft wing tip delivers a complete logistics solution.


Oxalis is a leading logistics partner to organisations developing solutions to reduce harmful emissions. We are involved in green H₂, bio-CNG, bio-CO₂, bio-LPG, biofuels and carbon capture projects.

Safety & Innovation

Pioneering safety that puts people first

Our drivers are our frontline ambassadors, delivering not just product but trust, reliability and an unparalleled, uninterrupted service for our clients and their customers. Empowering our drivers to feel as fundamental as they are means pioneering driver safety training, future skills development and career progression.

Thatʼs why we are recognised as industry leaders when it comes to safety. Our state-of-the-art driver training programs are developed in-house in compliance with strict regulations – including a Defensive Driving course “Go Defensive” – all of which results in a reduction in safety incidents and reduced CO₂ emissions through improved fuel economy.

As well as having some of the most advanced trucks and trailers on the roads we know that holistic safety training is also about feeling valued with good pay, fair contracts, a diverse workforce and an inclusive company culture. Because if we canʼt do something properly, we wonʼt do it at all.

Innovating with intention

An Oxalis journey is about far more than A to B, itʼs about how we get there. That how has changed over the years and every time it does – we manage it, then master it. Because we see change as an opportunity to innovate with intention, deliver our strategic objectives and optimise our business. Becoming safer, more sustainable, more efficient, more cost-effective and more supportive.

Innovation is at the core of our business; itʼs part of our identity. The Oxalis culture encourages entrepreneurial thinking, allowing our people to embrace the creative process without fear of failure. From the engine room of our tech systems, where we use intelligent real-time analysis to deliver exceptional customer value and service, to our forward-thinking training for enhanced driver safety – at Oxalis, we never stand still in our constantly evolving industry.

With an experienced team at our helm, we push and probe our logistic solutions to deliver extraordinary projects that have impact, right now and in the future. With the rapid growth of biofuels, along with new energies such as bio-LPG, H₂, and the emerging BioCO₂ market, our relentless innovation ensures we are the logistics partner of tomorrowʼs world too.

  • Our Transport Management System has been developed to optimise payload, reduce empty kilometres and maximise asset utilisation, ensuring a lower cost to serve and reductions in overall CO₂ emissions.
  • By streamlining the entire ‘order to cashʼ process we have improved administration efficiencies, reducing invoicing speeds and overall working capital for our customers.
  • With tailormade network optimisation models, we ensure cost transparency along the entire supply chain to help inform operational network design.
  • Our operational business model enables fleet and driver resources to work flexibly across multiple different operations, increasing fleet utilisation and driver productivity.

Sustainability & Innovation

Working towards a more sustainable future

Together, we believe we can steer positive change that helps future-proof logistics operations. We adapt before we react, listen before we lead, streamline before we scale – with every action bolstered by an aggressive stride toward CO₂ emission reduction which supports our own sustainability pledge and our clientsʼ too.

We aim to deliver long-term sustainable supply chain solutions. Our fleet consists of the most up-to-date generations for low environmental impacts. We know we are a crucial cornerstone of a seamless, safe supply chain for millions; and itʼs a responsibility we never take lightly.

The Group

Oxalis Logistics

Oxalis specialises in delivering comprehensive logistics solutions for Gas and Petroleum-based products, across both traditional and future fuels in the UK. Our excellence-driven services cover the transportation of a wide variety of gases, as well as bitumen products, retail, commercial and aviation fuel. We also provide Into-plane Fuelling services and the option for management of jet fuel storage facilities.

Oxalis Logistik

Oxalis DE is responsible for all logistics operations in Germany and the Czech Republic, specialising in delivering comprehensive logistics solutions for gas and petroleum-based products. Our streamlined services cover the transportation of retail fuel, biofuels, bitumen products, heating oil, aviation fuel and gas. Oxalis DE also provides specialised services such as the management of stocks, dispatching, optimisation of tank storage and other value-added services for our clients.


Fuels Transport & Logistics Ltd (FTL) is an independent company created in 2021. Initially a Joint Venture between Oxalis and DHL, FTL is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Oxalis Logistics UK, providing integrated supply chain distribution services to the UK fuels market, boasting long-term contracts with some of the country’s biggest blue-chip companies.

Our Directors

A passionate and driven team of experts

Allan Davison

Allan Davison began his career in logistics when he enrolled in our management development scheme over 20 years ago. Since then, Allanʼs responsibilities have spanned Europe, working in both commercial and operational roles in the fuels, gas, chemicals and food industries, before landing him in the Netherlands where he is currently based as Oxalis CEO, overseeing the strategic development and growth of our business.

Richard Thompson
Commercial Director

Richard Thompson has spent almost 40 years in commercial roles, starting his career at ExxonMobil's Downstream business - one of the world's largest manufacturers and marketers of fuels and lubricants. Richard arrived at our business in 2000, working in senior commercial roles, before becoming Commercial Director in 2010. Now based in Oslo, Norway, Richard is responsible for all client contractual and commercial relationships at Oxalis.

Tim Exner
Managing Director, Germany

Tim Exner has worked in logistics since 2002 - a career that began with an Apprenticeship in Logistics - and has now been with our business since 2009 and progressed through different roles in fleet management, operational and contract management before becoming Managing Director for Oxalis in Germany. Leading a team of more than 700 drivers and staff, with 300 trucks at 36 locations Tim is responsible for delivering a safe, efficient, and effective service for our clients in the fuels, gas and bitumen sectors in Germany and Czech Republic.

Jonathan Lawrence
Operations Director

Having joined our business in 2008 via our management development scheme, Jonathan Lawrence has progressed through operational and contract management roles before becoming Operations Director for Oxalis UK and Ireland. Leading a team of more than 1,500 drivers and staff, Jonathan is responsible for delivering a safe, efficient, and effective service for our clients in the fuels, gas and bitumen sectors.

Dominic OʼFlynn
Operations Director, FTL

Fuels Transport & Logistics is a joint venture between Oxalis and DHL. Its Operations Director, Dominic O'Flynn, has both commercial and operational responsibility and has secured long-term client partnerships with some of the UKʼs biggest retailers. Having started his career as a mechanical engineer apprentice, Dominic quickly moved into the oil, gas, and logistics sectors where he has now been part of senior leadership teams for more than 30 years.

Mike Linney
Finance Director

Mike Linney spent almost 10 years working with autistic children and young adults before qualifying as a chartered accountant. From there his career took him from North Foods PLC to Morrisons PLC where he oversaw internal audits and commercial finance. In 2015 Mike joined our business, expertly leading our finance teams across the UK, Ireland, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

Nichola Blenkinsop
HR Director

With over 20 years of experience both in the UK and abroad, Nichola Blenkinsop has led HR teams across leading organisations such as Boots, Asda and Rolls-Royce. At the forefront of change management and organisational design, talent and development, Nichola has been with our business since 2019. Today, she is at the helm of our people strategy, including colleague engagement, rewards and internal communications.

Tim Binns
IT Director

Tim Binns has been with our business for over 30 years. Timʼs career began with a graduate engineering apprenticeship before a spell in the nuclear industry at Rolls Royce. In 1991, Tim joined our business as IT Manager, progressing to be responsible for IT systems in Ireland and the Nordics, as well as back office business systems such as Finance and Procurement. Today, as IT Director, Tim oversees all new systems, ensuring we are at the forefront of technological efficiencies.


Working at Oxalis

We offer competitive salaries and employee benefits in order to attract, retain, reward and recognise the valuable contribution of our people.

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